We provide an extensive list of services to successfully execute any project. From pre-development through occupancy, we ensure that each project receives the services to overcome development challenges.

Feasibility Review

NY Developers analyzes each project’s financial feasibility based on the various design, construction, and site utilization variables. This critical step ensures that timely informed decision can be made by project stakeholders.

Site Utilization Review

Our experience with the complex land use rules unique to New York City helps our clients make informed decisions during the site planning phase. We provide critical insights that ensures each site is utilized to the benefit of each client.

Design Team Procurement

Experience working with many of the industry’s leading design firms ensures our projects secure a robust design team needed to execute any project

Constructability Review

The cause and effect of design direction on schedule and budget is a risk that NY Developers understands. Our extensive experience on large projects ensure that design decisions are made based on sound and timely information.

Cost Estimating & Takeoffs

Construction systems, materials, means & methods, logistics, and schedule, these are all variables that affect the cost of a project. Analysis of this information, buttressed by our vast experience, means NY Developers provides our clients with accurate cost estimates & mitigates financial risk


Understanding New York City’s codes & regulatory landscape is our passion. NY Developers brings years of experience managing the approvals & permitting process. This ensures that our clients avoid the pitfalls and blind-sides of this regulatory environment.

Value Engineering

Pushing the envelope on design strategies provide our clients with the opportunity to realize cost savings whenever possible.

Project Phasing Analysis

We successfully execute projects that have limited logistics and project schedules, including working within or in proximity to existing occupied structures. Our staff reviews the unique logistics and work phasing required for each project. From phased construction to phased sign-offs, and tenant protection and relocation plans, we ensure the phasing plan meets each project's requirements.

Field Coordination

Our projects are carefully and thoroughly coordinated by our in-house coordination team in conjunction with each project’s management and design teams. We use a combination of design drawings, trade shop drawings, specifications, overlays, and the creation of a composite drawing set to pick up conflicts prior to going into fabrication, thereby dramatically reducing timely and costly redesigns or change orders in the field.


NY Developers works with a roster of highly qualified vendors and suppliers with which we have completed numerous projects. These vendors are selected based on the value they provide and must meet strict qualifications. We are constantly vetting new vendors thereby ensuring that competitive bidding and value is achieved for each project.


We ensure that the completed projects function safely and as designed. Each project’s systems are installed & commissioned based on the design documents, code requirements, and industry best practices.

Construction Management

From the time the site fence goes up through the handover to the property management team, we provide turnkey Construction Management. Skilled staff that have a thorough understanding of the unique logistical and agency compliance challenges of working in New York City and armed with the knowledge of the latest construction systems and methods. We quickly adapt to new challenges and solutions that are ever present in a changing construction industry.

The use of digital construction document management software allows us to streamline many workflows. This includes drawing review, RFIs, takeoff, bid package creation, submittals, approval tracking, CPM scheduling, field reporting and logs, and task management. Empowering Project Executives to efficiently maintain control of project’s cost, schedule, quality control, and to successfully complete each project.


Timely signoffs and expedited building occupancy require extensive early planning and execution. NY Developers & Management has experience achieving phased signoff and occupancy.

CPM Scheduling

NYDM's scheduling team specializes in providing Critical Path Method (CPM) scheduling and project controls – the critical underpinnings for developing, analyzing, updating and monitoring project schedules and other project reporting procedures.

Professional CPM scheduling and project control services factor in all the myriad details of each project's individual specifics and objectives.

Utilizing the industry's leading Primavera P6 software to develop, monitor, and report the progression of construction projects keeping clients accurately informed of project events, potential problems, and corrective actions.